We evolve and rejuvenate existing brands or create new brands to meet emerging market opportunities.

Brand identity is the DNA of a brand and it should be present within every touchpoint of the brand experience.

Branding Services

1. New Brands

Create new brands and sub-brands.

2. Evolution

Evolve and rejuvenate existing brands in relation to changes in culture, markets and consumer behaviour.

3. Strategy

Development of brand strategies, planning and facilitate brand management within brand portfolios and their competitive markets.

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Brand Creation & Evolution

  • Create new brands
  • Creation of sub-brands
  • Evolution and management of brand architecture

Brand Positioning & Strategy

  • Brand positioning and brand image
  • Develop marketing strategies
  • Craft your brand’s mission & vision

Brand Identity Management

  • Brand assets & management
  • Visual identity, logo and packaging development
  • Brand memory structures & symbolism

Brand Communications

  • Brand story development
  • Communication strategy
  • CX & UX Touchpoint communications