Insight & Research

The cornerstone of creating, developing or positioning a brand is a powerful and differentiated insight.

This is achieved through the discovery of a deeper understanding of the meaning behind a brand, the life and behaviour of the target market and their social/cultural frame.

1. Culture

Contextualising insights by understanding the cultural and social forces and trends that affect them.

2. People

Exploring consumer’s lives, their psychology and behaviour, in order to identify opportunities for engagement and communication.

3. Market

Understanding the market in how competitors are reacting to similar insights and changes in culture is key to developing an effective brand strategy.

Some core research methodologies

Qualitative Focus Groups & Interviews

Digital & UX Research

Ethnographic Research

CX, Shopper, Consumer Journey, Buyer Persona Research

Quantitative Research

Professional and B2B Research

We employ bespoke methodologies to answer each individual project’s information-needs and objectives.