Semiotics is the analysis of meaning and how it is created. Brands embody meaning and everyone consumes meaning.

We seek to discover a deeper understanding of the meaning behind, and within a brand; the life and behaviour of people; and the social/cultural stage that they interact within.
Through the study of signs, semiotics reveals the underlying rules, codes and structures within culture.

What is the role of semiotics in marketing?

To comprehend the full picture, semiotics illuminates your understanding of how the four W’s are organised: Who? Why? What? When?

Semiotics reveals the social and cultural forces behind beliefs, behaviour and psychology that we are not always consciously aware of.

Semiotics transforms insight by contextualising understanding.

A semiotic approach can uniquely contribute to four key components of branding and marketing.

Semiotic Services

  • Identifying cultural and social trends
  • Mapping trend movements and momentum
  • Foresight: predictive cultural and trend analysis
  • Innovating from cultural trends
  • Market opportunity identification
  • Semiotic ideation
  • Consumer behaviour modelling
  • Consumer journeys 
  • Buyer persona’s & consumer typologies
  • Cultural and social positioning
  • Brand asset evolution
  • Brand meaning differentiation
  • Mapping changing category meaning
  • Brand and category audits
  • Communication strategy evaluation and development
  • Brand symbolism & visual narrative analysis
  • Visual identity & packaging audits
  • CX development
  • UX development and evaluation
  • Website identity development
  • Online brand persona development
  • Servicescape development
  • Shopper narrative analysis
  • Retail semiotics