Innovation thinking turns problems and challenges into opportunities.

Brands need to evolve in response to competitors, cultural trends and changes in consumers’ lives and behaviour.

There is also the opportunity to innovate in response to developing business capabilities and expertise.

We innovate in three key areas

1. Opportunity

Through the use of semiotic mapping and other methodologies, we discover innovation opportunities in culture, consumers’ lives and categories.

2. New Product Development

Optimising new product development through proprietary processes, which are validated by collaborative qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

3. Behavioural

Develop opportunities for behavioural innovation, enabling people to engage with your product or service in new ways.

Beyond the Innovation Journey

Developing the innovation opportunity further:

  1. Integration into an existing brand identity or creating new identities.
  2. Identifying the semiotic codes, symbolism and narratives that will most effectively bring the opportunity to market.